Sodium Silicate, MR = 1

In a pyrex container, first add SS40, then pour in NaOH. The released heat is enough to break non-pyrex containers. Stir the mixture till there are no discernable chunks of hydroxide. This will be a cloudy white solution. Once the exothermic portion is over, put this in glass jar with a lid and put it in a crockpot for several hours, until clear. Make sure enough water surrounds the jar, and that the water in the pot doesn’t all evaporate over the course of the steeping.

This silicate solution is unstable and can precipitate a caustic glass if left alone for several days. Reheating and stirring will easily redissolve the precipitate.

Allow to cool before using.

When used to make a Sodium polySialate-Siloxo geopolymer, the result is exothermic and will set at ambient temperatures.

ss2 consists of monomer and dimer silicate units