What’s been going on?

Well, it has been almost a year since I started making a fuss, trying to raise money and also awareness for geopolymers. I have not embarked on the well financed, rapid road to discovery I had naively hoped. But, I am still here, and I will accomplish my aims in the realm of geopolymers at some point. Now with over a year of tangible (yet awkward) experience, I am even more sure of this.

I have not posted for a while, and none of my posts have indicated what actual work I have been doing. My work thus far has been slow and haphazard, and honestly I am a bit embarrassed about the insufficiency of my notes. I keep realizing each time I experience new (to me) phenomena in the realm of geopolymers, that my notes lack enough detail to draw any conclusions or venture a solid educated interpretation.

I have not made any videos because I never know when I do something if it will come out well or not. Mostly, I have learned a lot of the details of what not to do. Fortunately for you all, I have not been videoing and sharing all my failures and dreams this entire time. That would have gotten old very quickly.

Despite not having much to show, I do occasionally get phone calls from this web site from people wanting to know more about what I am doing. There has been a steady enough flow of calls that I expect many people are coming here looking for some info on geopolymers or related sustainability topics.

Currently, I have just started my first actual line test to compare the effects of slight and moderate variations in variables. Now that I have a mould for doing line tests, and plenty of questions that need quantitative answers, I will be using this technique much more. As pieces age over the next couple months, I expect to have more precise data to share.

In the mean time, I would like to share both my experiences and my thinking on the nature of geopolymers based on these qualitative experiences. This is as much to clense myself of this intial stage (making room for the next stage), as it is to follow up with my intention to be sharing what ever it is I learn through my studies.

Thanks for reading,