A Blog for Convivality


This is a blog concerned with the possibility of an alternative mode of production, inspired by (among others) Ivan Illich’s “Tools for Conviviality“ (print it out and pass it around). The theme Of Illich’s essay is that industry in the united states has reached beyond a comprehensible scale, and has become contrary to human freedom. He speculates that a new vector of technology is possible, and that the majority of the world can avoid the legacy of the robber barons which marks the industrialized world.

Illich fantasizes a world run by bicycles, with the occasional motor where appropriate. But he does not speculate on the nature of an industry that can extrude steel and produce lubricants for these bicycles without swelling to an alienating scale. This blog explores the possibility of such industry.

This blog is also the result of prodding by Marcin from Open Source Ecology to record and organize my ideas, as well as my need for a forum to keep track of original sources relevant to liberated manufacturing.