Non-Imaging Solar Concentrators I

Students are introduced to collection of radiated energy at the thermodynamic limit. Based upon the Edge-Ray principal, students will program computers to calculate ideal geometries and theoretical collection efficiencies of non-tracking, semi-tracking and imprecisely tracking solar collectors. Students are working towards an economically relevant design for use in the second section of this course.

Course Syllabus:

Overview of solar concentrating technology

Imaging vs. Non-imaging concentrators:

*Conservation of entropy and the Thermodynamic limit of concentration *Difficulties of realization of various designs

The Edge-Ray Principal:

*Compound Parabolas *Involutes

Computer Simulation in Python

Design of a Feasible Low Pressure Solar Thermal Collector

*Need for Low Pressure Steam in Industrial and Residential Applications *Effect of Tracking Requirements on Concentration and Cost *Effect of Concentration Ratio on Efficency and Cost *Proposition of a Workable Design with Economic Analysis